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In the eyes of God each human being is a free person, whether girl, boy, woman or man and is destined to exist in good of all in equality and fraternity.

I pledge myself here today to do all in my power, within my faith community and beyond to work together for the freedom of all those who are enslaved and trafficked so that their future may be restored.

Today we have the opportunity, awareness, wisdom, innovation and technology to achieve this human and moral imperative.
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"I have always been distressed at the lot of those who are victims of various kinds of human trafficking. How I wish that all of us would hear God's cry: 'Where is your brother?' Genesis 4:9 ... the issue involves everyone! This infamous network of crime is now well established in our cities, and many people have blood on their hands as a result of their confortable and silent complicity."

Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium

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